Towing & Wrecker Services in Elk River & Zimmerman, Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

Will towing hurt my car?
Towing is not bad for your vehicle and will not damage it in any way. Tow trucks take most of the bumps and the suspension protects both the truck and the car. Cars are lifted and ride on their own suspension, so nothing is damaged during the towing process.

Can motorcycles be towed?
Motorcycles can be towed if necessary. Some towing companies will tow motorcycles and some will not. The reason for this is because there is special equipment needed to safely tow a motorcycle. It is a different procedure than a car. If you own a motorcycle and drive often, it is probably a safe idea to find out which tow companies in your area tow motorcycles and have the proper safety equipment to do so.

Why are Collins Brothers Towing trucks red?
Because Phil, the owner of Collins Brothers Towing, likes fire trucks!

What are dollies and why are they used?
Dollies are small tires that sit on the deck of the truck when not in use. They are used to transport the vehicles that have no tires on the ground, so that no driveline damage occurs or if the vehicle being towed is so severely damaged (such as in a crash) that it cannot be towed in a normal matter.

Other Important Phone Numbers:

Elk River Police Department: (763) 635-1200

Sherburne County Sheriff: (763) 765-3595

Minnesota State Patrol: (320) 255-4224

Wright County Sheriff: (763) 682-1162